Keep your players engaged in your game with smarter NPCs

At WildMeta we help video game developers create smarter and more human-like game AIs using machine learning.

WildMeta integration with Unreal Engine

Game AIs haven't changed for years and players are paying the price!

Your specialised outsourcing partner

We look after your non-playable entities so that you can focus on your game.

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Forget navmesh and pathfinding

Our machine-learning based bots are designed and trained specifically for your game to play as a player or an NPC. They react naturally to their environment and players.

WildMeta machine learning bot playing Xonotic

Human-like playstyle

Today, NPCs are hardcoded and require a huge amount of work to make them believable characters. This is much easier with machine learning and more specifically using a mix of reinforcement learning and imitation learning.

We've already done the R&D so you don't need to

The team spent months building our core technology so we can readily apply and customise our existing framework to your game and tech stack. This way we can spend more time on what’s specific to your game.

A team of experts at your service

You don’t need to be a ML expert to have machine learning-based bots! We don’t expect most studios to hire in-house machine learning experts soon. And that’s why we offer our technology as a full service and look after its integration into your game.

Let's talk about how this can apply to your own game!

Many use cases for all types of games

Human-like AIs

More natural interactions with players, better in-game engagement.

Robust to changes

AIs can learn to adapt to a procedurally generated environment.

Training bots

Help players improve at competitive/cooperative esport games.

Always available

No need to wait for human players, there's always opponents available to play your multiplayer game.

AI teammate

Cooperative behaviours for your squad. Bots behave rationally while following orders from players.


Automatically find bugs by exploring environment. Multiplayer server stress-test.

Founding team

Amandine Flachs WildMeta headshot

Amandine Flachs, CEO

Supporting startup founders for the past 10 years | Venture capital Scout | Content producer and livestream host.

Alexandre Borghi headshot

Alexandre Borghi, CTO

Machine learning research scientist. Ex Graphcore, Imagination Technologies & Feral interactive

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No more dumb bots, your players deserve better.

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